Welcome to the Stiffy family!

Stiffy is an international Indie band based in Hamburg, Germany.

Demys - Vocal / Guitar

Skelly - Vocals  / Keys

Artur - Bass

Martin - Drums

Lukasz - Guitar

Since the beginning of Stiffy in 2016, we’ve had over many live gigs and have performed in many of Hamburgs bigger music festivals and cult clubs and locations; Harley Days, Street Music Festival, Kieler Woche, Markthalle, Logo, Kukuun, Knust, HardRock Cafe... just to name a few.

Below, you can download important information such as our Band Bio, Technical Rider, Stage Plan as well as band photos. There is also a link to our music on Spotify or our Videos, linked to YouTube.

If you need more material or if you have questions, simply contact us or our label, Alster Records.

Alster Records - Contact


+49 (0) 4032 52- 1190

Stiffy - Direct Contact


+49 (0) 1520 153 555 1 - Skelly

Thank you for being a part of Stiffy!

Alster Records

+49 (0) 4032 52- 1190

Alster Records


+49 (0) 1520 153 555 1

Stiffy Direct Contact
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